Cradle Coast Cycling Club

(formed in 1992 as the Coastal Senior Cycling Club Inc)




Information for members:

Welcome to the Cradle Coast Cycling Club for the 2019/2020 season. It is hoped that we will have an enjoyable and safe season. 

The Club will hold a variety of races in the form of graded handicap, graded time trial, graded teams handicap, sealed handicap and team time trial.  Riders are encouraged to have a ‘warm up’ ride prior to each race. 

Membership/Race Entry fees for the 2019/2020 season are:

·         Full Membership: $20.00

·         Volunteer: $5:00 (this fee is paid by the CCCC Inc.)

·         Race entry fee:  $7.00


Membership is open to male and female riders. Under 17's (15-16 years) and Seniors (17years+).   All that is required is an approved bicycle (with tail light) of any type and an approved helmet. Individual riders are responsible for ensuring their bicycles are in a sound mechanical condition prior to each race.

Race registration is to be completed 25 minutes prior to the race start in order to allow for handicap/grading adjustments.  Please ensure that you are registered on time as penalties may be imposed (or non-entry into races) if you are not registered on time.

Any queries regarding your handicap should be taken up with the handicapper after the race.

Lead and tail vehicles are used for rider’s safety whilst club marshals also assist to warn traffic during cycle races. Riders are encouraged to volunteer for car and line duties. Drivers on escort car and sign duties will be offered $15 toward fuel costs. A driver must be a registered club member prior to driving (volunteer membership is paid by CCCC).

The CCCC is its own entity and is affiliated with Cycling Australia.  All riders competing in any races will need to hold a current Cycling Australia licence.  

·         First time riders are ineligible for 1st, 2nd or 3rd placings but are eligible for fastest time prize.

·         Club Championships are conducted in ten (10) year age groups over the entire race season.

·         To qualify for Age and Club Champions members need a minimum of 10 races (including Phantom Series) and 1 volunteer duty. 

·         To qualify for Feature Race members need a minimum of 3 races (including Phantom Twilight Series) and 1 volunteer duty. 

·         Riders can organise someone else to perform their volunteer duties.  Riders who are ineligible for Feature Race prizes may compete in the Feature Race for normal club race prizes.  You must be a club member to be eligible for Age, Club Champions and Feature Race.

·         Phantom Twilight Series does not attract Consistency, Age Championship or Club champion points.

·         If inclement weather prevails on a rostered race day a decision to cancel a race will be made and posted on face book at 8:30am on race day.

·         All bikes must have a working red tail light.

·         Riders will be disqualified when crossing white lines.

·         Riders who are on volunteer duties and elect not to ride in a race will receive 6 consistency award points.  Consistency award points will be awarded up to a maximum of three (3) times during the current season in these circumstances.

·         Volunteer Duties: Escort cars—Commissaire—Turn—Start/Finish Line

·         Consistency Award points will be awarded to all eligible members.


Consistency Award Points

1st place                        15 points           21st-25th place           3 points

2nd place                      10 points           26th—30th place        2 point

3rd place                       8 points             30th and above          1 point

4th-10th place               6 points             DNF                           0 points

11th—15th place            5 points

16th—20th place             4 points 

   Age Champion Award Points

Points are allocated over entire season based on fastest time:

1st place           5 points             3rd place           2 points

2nd place          3 points             other finishers   1 point


2019/2020 Committee

President:                                 Dale Atkinson

Vice President:                         Russell Broomhall

Secretary/Treasurer:                Sally Atkinson

Handicapper:                            Paul Barry

Ass. Handicapper:                    Sam Reynolds

Publicity Officer:                       Russell Broomhall

Public Officer:                          Dale Atkinson

Committee Members:              Nigel Sheahen

                                                Kristy Grubits







Club Patron:                            Rod Leicester

Auditor:                                   Roseanne Dobson

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Cradle Coast Cycling Club Inc. disclaimer:

Road cycle racing can be considered a dangerous sport. Whilst all reasonable care is taken by race organizers and officials when organizing an event, all participating cyclists have an equal responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable care during a road cycle race by adhering to the road rules and ride in a safe and responsible manner ensuring a safe environment for all concerned.

 Contact: Dale Atkinson (President) - 0417 582266 AH